7 best luxury Resorts in USA

Although there are many great resorts abroad, you will find that there are some incredible resorts in the good old US too. You can stay close to your home and enjoy one of the best American resorts with all the luxury and relaxation you desire where you use use a rental car. Here are some of the best resorts that you can check if you want to book your next resort vacation.

1. The cloister, Sea Island

Located in Sea Island on the Georgia coast, The Cloister is a beautiful vacation spot that travelers can enjoy. This resort has been around for decades, and recently the main building was completely remodeled, although parts of the original building were included. Enjoy your stay in the new hotel or opt for one of the beach houses by the sea. No matter where you live, you will receive first class service and luxury.

2. Wynn, Las Vegas

If you want to be in Vegas and feel like living the life of a high roller, Wynn Las Vegas is the place to stay. It’s only in the city for a short time but has earned a great reputation this short time. There are top chefs in the resort’s restaurants, and you can also enjoy great shops at the resort. You get fantastic rooms, flat screen TVs, a golf course and much more.

3rd assembly, Laguna Beach

One of the best American resorts is the assembly in Laguna Beach. This resort has been around for several years and offers a great location as well as a relaxed atmosphere. Relax on the Pacific, enjoy the tasty restaurant and the rooms are amazing. There are comfortable beds and you can choose between rooms with sea view.

4.Whiteface Lodge, Lake Placid

Lake East is the ideal place for winter sports in the east. However, it is also a great place in summer. If you want to enjoy the Adirondack area, the Whiteface Lodge is a wonderful place. While the hotel is rustic, it offers every luxury that you can dream of. Take a boat trip on Lake Placid, enjoy a swim or go fishing. The resort is also family friendly and there are pools, play areas and a cinema to keep all family members happy.

5.Heavenly Ski Resort, California

When they decided to call the resort heavenly, they had a very fitting name. The view from this mountain over beautiful Lake Tahoe is certainly breathtaking. The resort is on the state line between California and Nevada and has it all! Great snow conditions throughout the season. There are many different options when it comes to potential ski season jobs. A variety of off-piste entertainment with bars, restaurants, casinos and more. It is also easily accessible by car to reach many other resorts scattered around Lake Tahoe.

6. Mammoth Mountain, California

Most people think that Southern California is just beaches and surfers, but it is also home to one of the most entertaining ski resorts in the US. Mammoth Mountains offers outdoor activities year-round with hiking and mountain biking in the summer, and skiing and snowboarding in the winter. The resort is a great place to work with all sorts of great seasonal residences, diverse employment opportunities in the various shops in the area and easy access to LA and San Diego, so you can go skiing in the morning and surf in the afternoon!

7.Crested Butte, CO

OK, this might be a surprise and not a mega-resort, but spending a season at Crested Butte is a wonderful experience. The resort is located in Colorado and is usually overshadowed by some of its better known neighbors. However, this resort has a fantastic reputation for having excellent conditions throughout the season. The resort is much smaller than many of the larger resorts in the US, but this gives a more intimate feel to getting to know many locals and finding friends quickly at the resort. They are also very well known to their employees and offer many benefits.

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